We often stumble over words like “Marketing” and “Websites” and “Strategy” when we try to explain exactly what it is we do here at Honoway Interactive. So, instead of telling you what we do – we thought we could show you by introducing you to a few of our clients and the work that we’re doing for them:


Client: Schaaf-PartnerCentric

 Business: Outsourced Affiliate Program Management

Stage: Growth

Project Type: MARCOM

The Situation: After years of steady growth, SPC was ready to energize its sales efforts, arming a new Sales Director with a bank of sophisticated materials.

The Solution: We worked closely with the client to develop a library of materials for their sales department. From simple documents about service offerings to large-scale presentations, each piece works beautifully on its own. Together, the cohesive mix showcases SPC’s talents, experience and dedication to quality. 



 hormones-beauty-healthBusiness: Publisher of Women’s Health and Beauty Information

Stage: Startup

Project Type: Web Development and Full-Scale Marketing Management

The Situation: Popular topics around the subject of skincare and anti-aging were beginning to draw larger amounts of traffic for our client’s other website. Determined to maximize the opportunity, we split the skincare content out onto its own website.

The Solution: We built a brand new site and populate it with content on a daily basis (through our Spin-Niche product). We manage the expert contributors who write for the site, the email marketing campaign and the advertisers that support the site’s revenue stream. In a few shorts months, traffic to this new site represents a 60% growth in visitors for the client (from organic search and referrals) and a new source of revenue.




 Business: Advanced MRI for Traumatic Brain Injury

Stage: Startup

Project Type: Website Development and Brand Identity

The Situation: The Center for Neurological Studies started up fast. With the industry’s leading expert on Advanced MRI for Traumatic Brain Injury and an energetic executive staff – they began building their office, staff and patient list right out of the gates. Of course, they also needed a website to help spread the word.

The Solution: We built as their online brochure – and custom-designed a logo and brand identity. The website provides information to prospective patients and to potential investors who will help fund the explosive growth already occurring at CNS. 


 helmet-smash-football-head-injuryBusiness: News Publication for Football Related Head Injuries

Stage: Startup

Project Type: Website Development and Full-Scale Marketing Management

The Situation: The founders had a great idea – give football players and their spouses and families a source for information about head injuries caused in football from tackles, helmet to helmet hits and so on. But, they didn’t know where to start when it came to building a site, getting traffic or servicing a member base online.

The Solution: So, we’re doing it for them! We built a great-looking site that is packed with information and designed a fitting logo to grab the attention of their sports-minded visitors. We keep the content on that site updated and the traffic flowing (using our Spin-Niche product). We also work with sponsors, doctors, legal professionals and other experts in the field to keep the news relevant and as accurate as possible. 


Client: Transformation Point

 Business: Corporate and Personal Change Consultants

Stage: Growth

Project Type: MARCOM

The Situation: Growing quickly and spending countless hours changing the lives and work environments of their clients, Transformation Point needed help getting their marketing caught up with their success. They had new packages, updated services and amazing opportunities to share with potential clients.

The Solution: We took the time to learn their business and understand their client needs to develop a suite of marketing materials. They were able to use these pieces to build content for their website, create posts for their blog and develop slick-looking, print-ready brochures and informational pages to hand to clients.


Client: Birmingham Bloomfield Audiology

 birmingham-bloomfield-audiologyBusiness: Hearing Health Care

Stage: Growth

Project Type: Web Development and Online Marketing Management

The Situation: The doctors at BBA were ready to take their business to the next level by adding an online component to their brick-and-mortar presence in Southeast Michigan. The

Solution: We built them a new site complete with doctor profiles, patient intake forms and industry news. We work with them regularly to improve search rankings and stay in touch with their patients using a weekly email newsletter and periodic email announcements.




 cckservicesBusiness: Commercial Construction

Stage: Growth

Project Type: Website Development

The Situation: CCK Services faced a common problem: They contracted a web developer to build their new site. He worked at it for a few months, but lost interest and disappeared. CCK was left with a half-done site.

The Solution: We stepped in and took over. We completed the work that CCK had hoped for – and added a few twists of our own including slideshows to showcase photos of their amazing work and SEO to ensure that they’d be found when new potential customers were searching. Plus, we trained them on WordPress so that they could keep the site up to date on their own.