In Social Media It’s Not How Big Your Fan Base Is – It’s How You Engage It

Feb 10, 12 In Social Media It’s Not How Big Your Fan Base Is – It’s How You Engage It

I feel like I’ve been making this argument for years… and I’m honestly a little tired of having to say it… but I’m also a little proud to still be right about it! Here goes:

It’s not about quantity – it’s about quality.


Quality in the Numbers You Are Counting

This has been a long-time value held by successful affiliate marketers. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of affiliates – only the few that you can motivate to produce really matter.

The same holds true for fans, followers, members and users.

I continue to be un-impressed by Google’s growing number of Google+ users/members. You get an instant Google+ account when you signup for any Google property… their social network user numbers will continue to rise because of the success and adoption of their other platforms.

But, how many of those “members” are logging in and chronicling their lives like they do on Facebook?

So, having affiliates, followers, fans, users, members or followers doesn’t mean a thing. Having active affiliates, followers and fans who respond to your call to action, users who login and members who participate is what really counts.


Quality in How You Count Them

So, that means you have to have a measurement that accounts for quality.

Here’s an example:

We started working with a new FizzNiche client in December. At that time, they had over 300 fans for their Facebook page.

That’s a good number – right?

NO! But it’s not a bad number either. That number doesn’t matter – at all!

One thing that does matter, however, is how many visitors our client was getting from these Facebook fans and their networks of friends.

Turns out – they weren’t getting very much. Here’s a look at their Facebook-Referred Traffic by month for October 2011 – January 2012:


Over the months of October and November, they only received 50 visits from Facebook. Those 300+ fans weren’t really doing a whole lot for them.

But, in December – their first month with us – we kick-started their content marketing efforts and began driving their social media strategy. With proper engagement, those 300+ fans finally gained true value.

They brought more than 10 times November’s traffic in December and added about 50% to that in January.

Now… to be fair… the page did get some new fans in December and January. 25 in December and 32 in January… which obviously doesn’t account for the big jump in traffic each month.

So, simply having 300+ fans in November meant nothing. Adding the extra 58 over December and January didn’t really mean anything either.

But, engaging the fans and getting them to click through to the client’s site… that is worth something!


Numbers Measured for Quality

So, before you start obsessing about numbers or (God forbid) start paying to get to specific number (ie, paying for fans, subscribers, etc) – think about where the real value lies.

Does it really matter if you have hundreds or thousands of fans if they do nothing? Do millions of users that never login have any value?

Focus on engaging your fans, members and users – maximize the value potential you have with them – and then determine how to get more.



Kick-Starting Your Fan Base

The results shown above are typical for FizzNiche clients. Let us know if you’d like to have your content marketing plan kicked off. We can re-energize your fan base and get your traffic on a perpetually-upward trend! Visit for more details, pricing and to get started.


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