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Mar 27, 12 Guest Bloggers

If you’ve been working with us on FizzNiche – you know that we talk a lot about our “contributors” and all of the great content they provide to power our clients’ websites.

Maybe you are one of our contributors! You help us publish hundreds of quality articles each month that drive thousands of visitors to our ever-growing network of sites.

If you’ve been paying close attention, you’ve noticed that we’ve recently started calling our contributors “Guest Bloggers”.


Why “Guest Bloggers”?

First, since deciding on our elevator pitch (FizzNiche is a Premium Guest Blogging Service) we decided that it made sense that the people contributing the content for the premium blog posts should be called what they are – guest bloggers.

Plus, the term “guest blogger” carries a lot of weight these days. And, well, we want to throw as much weight behind our “guest bloggers” as we can!


Now What?

We’re not quite ready to announce the “what’s next”… but we can give you a little hint…

Soon, We’re going to have a way for our Guest Bloggers to line up more guest blogging gigs.

To get ready for that – we want you to start thinking about what your Guest Blogger Resume may look like. So, we’ve put together an outline for you to use.


An Outline for Your Guest Blogger Resume

Intro – this should be a one paragraph overview (no more than 5 sentences) that describes your niche expertise and your writing experience.

Examples of Previous Work – create a list of your works that have appeared on other sites (remember – if you’ve been highlighted on our client’s sites – those are great examples!)

Credentials, Awards, Certifications – list any credentials you’ve received through training, awards you’ve been given and any certifications you have earned.

Requirements – describe the types of opportunities you’re looking for. This could be the niches you want to work in, the types of businesses you do or don’t want to associate with or the criteria a site or an opportunity must meet in order for you to work with them.

Available Frequency – list how often you’re available to post. It’s common for guest bloggers to have a weekly spot, but you can offer more or less depending on your availability.

Fee – now, be careful here! You can set a fee for your guest blogging services. But, take some time to decide whether or not charging is worth it. Offering free content will open you up to more opportunities and more chances to build your reputation and back links.

Consider setting a fee for sites that may be good – but fall short of your exact criteria. For example, you could offer, “Content provided free to sites with a PageRank of 1 or more, content may be provided for sites under a 1 for $25 per post.”

Distribution – in addition to the content that you’ll be providing and the credibility that your credentials will lend to the site – you have one more benefit to add as a guest blogger: distribution. You’ll want to let others know about your guest blog posts, so list the methods that you’ll use to share the posts that you create for them (like your own site/blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email list, etc) and let them know how many followers, fans and contacts you have.


Get Drafting – More Info Coming Soon!

Start drafting your guest blogger resume – we’re going to have an announcement soon, and you’ll want to be ready to act right away!



  1. Thanks for the tips! Would love to delve more deeply into blogging, but I’m having trouble posting one a week! Going to have to step it up!

    • Rachel Honoway /

      You are welcome, Jonathan! Add blogging to your to-do list – it’s worth it to keep up a steady schedule!

  2. Yeah, but the resume’s only half of the deal. You need to know how to query blogs for your content, which involves having an idea of what to post, how it’s going to look, and why the blogger would want such a post on their site.

    In other words, a post’s cover letter.

    • Rachel Honoway /

      I completely agree, James! Being able to show that you have experience writing and that other sites have trusted you as a third-party expert can definitely help in landing a good guest blogging spot!

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